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Debra has been uniquely prepared through the personal experience of having giving birth six times along with over 38 years plus of nurturing and mothering women. 

Additionally Debra is trained and certified as a birth doula, VBAC doula, post partum doula, and will soon be certified for lactation services.

why choose doula debra?

Doulas are not only for natural births. Similarly to an epidural or induced birth, a doula can support parents during a c-section by helping you make informed decisions and assisting with physical & emotional support before, during and after the c-section. Further, in the event that the birthing partner should need to go with baby to the NICU or other care areas, mom still has continuous support with her doula by her side.

Do doula support c-section births?

Absolutely not! A doula is there to support the birth partner as well.. Studies have shown that fathers often feel more confident and have increased engagement with a doula present.

Will a doula take my birth partner's place?

No, a midwife is a clinically trained healthcare provider you choose instead of or in addition to an OB doctor. A doula is a non-medical support provider. They provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy, labor/birth, and post partum. They are also equipped with evidence-based information to assist with decision making. 

Is a doula the same as a midwife?