Pregnancy can bring much joy and happiness to families. It can also raise many questions  during this life changing journey. You want and need unbiased, and up to date evidence-based information, so that you feel confident to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond. 

At the foundation of all Debra's care and services is the knowledge that birthing babies is an emotional, mental and physical journey. Debra is passionate about hand's on support that empowers new mothers and allows them to always cherish their birth stories. 

Debra was born and raised in Southeastern Michigan where she birthed and raised her own six daughters. Having always had a desire to nurture and care for women and children, Debra believes that childbirth should be a revered experience during which mothers are fully supported and truly listened to.


About Debra

I help mothers birth their babies through compassionate care, empowering education and affirmation of their God-given intuition in a way that leads to supported births and thriving families.

I want mamas to feel supported and listened to during childbearing in such a way that they are able to cherish their birth stories. 

I’m not here to tell you the “one right way” to do things. I’m here to encourage you along your own sacred journey of birth and foster the growth of your own mothering style while providing safe options and education.

my goal for every birth

One-on-one personalized care. I do not work for the hospital or
your health care provider. I'm there for you and you
alone mama!

 Attentive and empathetic listening. I care about your dreams
and your needs - I'm here to do whatever I can to support
them both.

Holistic, evidence based care & techniques. I strive to be
continuously learning and sharing the most up to date evidence
based practices with you.

Someone who understands that while all you really want is a
"healthy baby", your birth story matters, too. It's important that
you feel informed and supported in your birth choices and
throughout your journey..