I was born and raised in Southeastern Michigan, where I birthed and raised my own six daughters. I am a wife, mother, and a doula. I love to learn and share my knowledge. I am an encourager and nurturer by nature. I am a Doula because I care deeply about motherhood and families. I've always had a desire to nurture and care for women and children, and now that mine are grown, I love being to continue living my passion. 

I believe childbirth should be a revered experience in which mother's are fully supported and truly listened to. However only about 32% of women report having a positive birth experience. My goal is to change that. By giving support to women and their families, I get to play a small role in restoring birth from a medical procedure, back into its rightful place a sacred, intimate and transformational life event. 

Contact me for more information about how I can help support you. I am always excited to talk about all things birth!

About Debra

Is to hold space for every mother, so that she feels informed and empowered to accomplish her birthing goals. I want mamas to feel supported and listened to during childbearing in a way that allows them to birth without fear. 

Is not only to support mamas, but the fathers in such a way that they are comfortable and realize their integral role in the birth process. My goal is not to replace, but to guide Dad's in their unique role as as their wife's first advocate. I will support both of you throughout this pregnancy until you're holding that sweet baby in your arms.

I’m not here to tell you the “one right way” to do things. I’m here to encourage you along your own sacred journey of birth and cultivate the growth of your own birthing style while providing safe options and education.

my goal for every birth....

One-on-one personalized care. I do not work for the hospital or
your health care provider. I'm there for you and you
alone mama!

 Attentive and empathetic listening. I care about your dreams
and your needs - I'm here to do whatever I can to support
them both.

Holistic, evidence based care & techniques. I strive to be
continuously learning and sharing the most up to date evidence
based practices with you.

Someone who understands that while all you really want is a
"healthy baby", your birth story matters, too. It's important that
you feel informed and supported in your birth choices and
throughout your journey..